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Sponsorship Opportunities

by One Love Massive


Sponsor original OLM content on our social media channels, live broadcasts and website.

From 2-3pm Monday-Friday, we ask our followers on Twitter 8 engaging questions to get to know them better! Snackchat has become quite popular, ringing in at least
15,000 Impressions a day

#FACEOFFFRIDAY was created as a way to showcase all of the amazing designers and creators out there looking for a platform launch their apparel designs! We put the choice in our audience's hands as to what design they would like to have printed and made into the next available product on our website. Face off Friday turns out at least
25,000 Impressions!

One Love Massive events reach a real time audience with product placement and branding opportunities. Event sponsorship includes logo placement on the promotional materials as well as guest list placement for the client.

Sponsorships include logo placement at the beginning of each production with logo placement intermittently throughout the show and at the end. Our original content reaches thousands monthly on Youtube, Facebook and Live.OneLoveMassive.com

Presenting sponsors have logo placement and featured pre-roll and post rolls mentions:

"This podcast is presented by (Insert your company name)"

Average Monthly Youtube Stats:
548,091 Minutes Watched
+730 Subscribers

Average Monthly Facebook Live Stats:
597,600 Minutes Watched

Sponsor one of the following:

OLM Original Podcast Series:
"The Morning Tea With Lonnie Bee"
"The MNM Show"
"DC AS FUCK Podcast"
"The Lab"

OLM Original Music Series:

Factory Floor Sessions
Average Impressions: 10k
Average Views: 2k

Back To The GoGo
Average Impressions: 30k
Average Views: 7k

All stats are within the hour of the original broadcast time, guaranteed.